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Business Insurance

At Grace Tax & Insurance Services we are trained and experienced to serve your business needs.  We specialize in helping our clients purchase the proper insurance to cover their business, against unforeseen property damage as well as third party injuries or liability.  As independent agents, we seek out the best plans from multiple insurers and provide you with the proper insurance at the lowest rates.

We’ve earned the trust of our clients for our service and comprehensive protection, building our business on their referrals and votes of confidence.

We specialize in the blow Commercial Lines at our Agency.

General Liability Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance to Cover Your Business Your business’s future depends on its security today. Waiting until it is too late is not the responsible business decision. Commercial Property Insurance can help cover your: Your business lo…

Business Auto

What is Directors and Officers Liability Insurance? It protects any officer or director of a company from damages as a result of any wrongful act committed while serving in the director or officer position. Such situations include: error misstatement…

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Accidents are inevitable. Therefore, preventing and covering them is essential for both you and your employees with Worker’s Compensation Insurance. The good news is that keeping safety first will reduce potential claims which in turn keeps your insurance…